• All Women in Infrastructure, Emerging Talent and Infrastructure New Zealand physical events have been cancelled or postponed

  • Digital events will be created – details to follow

  • Building Nations has been postponed to Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October 2020

  • Our European delegation to Dublin and Copenhagen has been postponed until Saturday 31st October to Saturday 7th November 2020

    • 28 May 2020
    • 7:15 AM - 8:00 AM (UTC+12:00)
    • Zoom Webinar

    WIN Canterbury warmly invite you to a wellness event with certified Holistic Health Coach, Liz Sloan, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

    COVID-19 has affected us as a nation and as individuals challenging us to adjust to a 'new normal'. For some, that challenge has been posed by learning to work from home, balancing work and home life, and managing the stresses related to both. 

    In this early morning virtual session Liz will guide you through tips on time management and provide tools to allow you to thrive in stressful times. Liz will share her insights into how to prioritise wellbeing during times of uncertainty and how to deal with anxiety so we can feel confident to move from a place of surviving to thriving.

    This webinar is kindly sponsored by Citycare.

    • 03 Jun 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (UTC+12:00)

    The Auckland Chapter of WIN New Zealand is delighted to invite you to a virtual site tour of the 36th America’s Cup Infrastructure Project. In this Zoom webinar, Jamie Cachine, Deputy Chair for Auckland WIN and Geotechnical Investigations Lead for Wynyard Edge Alliance (WEA), will provide a project overview and guide your photo tour across the Auckland waterfront to see the new infrastructure developed for the big event. Along the way, you will hear from 7 women working in a variety of disciplines who each played an important part in achieving the project’s milestones. Join us to learn about:

    • The alliance model, why it was chosen for AC36 and what it’s like to work as an alliance
    • Building wharves, wavebreaks, and a new Sealink Ferry Terminal
    • Wynyard Point development, Silo Park extension, and a stormwater outfall for 1/3 of Auckland’s CBD
    • Historic land use and contamination
    • Protecting marine life during construction

    Following the virtual tour, we will have time for some questions from the audience.


    Jamie Cachine, Geotechnical Investigations Lead, Beca and Auckland WIN Deputy Chair

    Sarah Anderson, Owner Interface Manager - Strategic Relationships, Americas Cup Event Ltd

    Aimee Day, Civil Engineer, Beca

    Sami Hutchings, Contaminated Site Specialist, Tonkin + Taylor

    Marara Van Buuren, Marine Mammal Observer/Environmental Graduate, McConnell Dowell

    Somaye Sadeghian, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Beca

    Bridget Allan, Civil Engineer - Marine Team, Beca

    • 04 Jun 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+12:00)
    • Zoom Webinar

    WIN Queenstown are delighted to invite you to our join us for our first virtual infrastructure meetup, where three local women will share their career experience and provide updates on the projects they are currently working on.

    Discussion on Doughnut Economic 
    Anne Goddard, Project Manager, HEB Construction
    Anne will give a brief overview of The Donut, a visual framework for sustainable development developed by the English economist Kate Raworth. Instead of growth at all costs, a new economic model allows us to thrive while saving the planet. Presented as one of the ways forward to re-invent our economy post-pandemic, this introduction aims to give an overview of the model and what its implementation could mean.

    Sustainable Building Design 
    Jessica Eyers, Director, Hiberna Ltd
    Jessica will talk about the principles of low energy buildings, with a particular focus on residential. Some of these principles will be expected but others will come as a surprise. Jessica will also touch on low embodied carbon building materials which completes the package of the low energy buildings we need to meet our climate change obligations.

    Ngāi Tahu Property Queenstown Developments and Urban Village Co-housing Project 
    Melanie Halliday Project Coordinator, Ngāi Tahu Property and Director, Urban Village
    Mel will give an overview of the co-housing models, including the opportunities and challenges of each, and share the Urban Village Queenstown journey. Mel will also give a brief update of Ngāi Tahu Properties projects in Queenstown in a post-pandemic world.

    Please join us to hear from these industry experts as they provide an insight into sustainable development and get us thinking about a post COVID world while catching up with fellow WIN members in this interactive session.

Past events

21 May 2020 Webinar: Transitioning to a Productive, Equitable and Sustainable Economy with Minister James Shaw
20 May 2020 Webinar: Housing the Future with Minister Woods and Andrew McKenzie
19 May 2020 Connecting our Data: The Value of a Digital Twin for New Zealand’s Infrastructure
05 May 2020 WIN Nationwide Webinar: Tuesday 05 May 2020
01 May 2020 WIN Canterbury: Virtual Catch Up
30 Apr 2020 Webinar: Recovery lessons from Christchurch and Kaikōura: Rapid deployment and alliances
22 Apr 2020 Webinar: The Future of Economic Development, Transport & Urban Development in the COVID-19 Landscape: Minister Phil Twyford
09 Apr 2020 Webinar: Hear from Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones & Mark Binns, Chair, Crown Infrastructure Partners
08 Apr 2020 Webinar: Update on the New Zealand Infrastructure Sector, exclusively for our Australian members
31 Mar 2020 Webinar: State of the Infrastructure Sector
12 Mar 2020 ET Wellington: Speed Mentoring
12 Mar 2020 A Construction Accord Beacon Project: The Watercare Enterprise Model
09 Mar 2020 WIN Auckland: Speed Networking
05 Mar 2020 WIN Waikato: International Women's Day Celebration
04 Mar 2020 ET Auckland: The Inner Circle
28 Feb 2020 WIN Queenstown & Otago/Southland: Tour of Clyde Dam
27 Feb 2020 Launching a New Young Leaders' Network - Emerging Talent Canterbury
18 Feb 2020 WIN Wellington: Networking Evening
17 Feb 2020 Infrastructure Funding & Financing Workshop
04 Feb 2020 WIN Northland: The Future of Infrastructure for Northland
04 Feb 2020 WIN Canterbury: Speed Networking Breakfast
03 Feb 2020 Thought Leadership Dinner - Growth and Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges for the Northland Region
17 Dec 2019 WIN Northland: Christmas Networking Breakfast
16 Dec 2019 Thought leadership luncheon: Auckland infrastructure priorities 2020 – 2022 with Mayor Goff and Deputy Mayor Cashmore
06 Dec 2019 WIN Christmas Breakfast in Support of The Aunties Charitable Trust
06 Dec 2019 WIN Christmas Breakfast in Support of The Aunties Charitable Trust
06 Dec 2019 WIN Christmas Breakfast in Support of The Aunties Charitable Trust
05 Dec 2019 ET Auckland - Project Impact Workshop: Capturing Broader Outcomes for Infrastructure Projects
05 Dec 2019 Election 2020: Infrastructure NZ's Policy Agenda and Christmas Event
28 Nov 2019 WIN Canterbury: Tour of Lyttelton Port
20 Nov 2019 ET Auckland: The Inner Circle
19 Nov 2019 WIN Waikato: Networking Lunch
13 Nov 2019 WIN Wellington: Transmission Gully - Complexity, Scale, Innovation...and Bigger Diggers
12 Nov 2019 Building a Renewable Future
31 Oct 2019 ET Auckland: October Social Networking Event
29 Oct 2019 WIN Auckland: Access to STEM Education and Infrastructure Careers for Women and Girls in New Zealand; Reflections from the United Nations
29 Oct 2019 WIN Canterbury: Access to STEM Education and Infrastructure Careers for Women and Girls in New Zealand; Reflections from the United Nations
29 Oct 2019 WIN Wellington: Access to STEM Education and Infrastructure Careers for Women and Girls in New Zealand; Reflections from the United Nations
24 Oct 2019 Farewell to Stephen Selwood
22 Oct 2019 'The Best of British Minds'
16 Oct 2019 Chairman's Dinner - Growth and Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges for the Otago Region
16 Oct 2019 WIN Otago/Southland: Behind the Scenes of Forsyth Barr Stadium
27 Sep 2019 Hamilton-Auckland Spatial Planning Workshop
26 Sep 2019 ET Wellington: The Future of Transport in Wellington
17 Sep 2019 WIN Wellington: Reversing the Stats
10 Sep 2019 WIN Canterbury: Wellness Event with Liz Sloan
03 Sep 2019 ET Auckland: Sustainability in Action
29 Aug 2019 WIN Queenstown: First Tracks Event
21 Aug 2019 Deloitte Deep Dive: Amanda Moran
21 Aug 2019 Deloitte Deep Dive: Alan Sutherland
21 Aug 2019 Deloitte Deep Dive: Andrew McNaughton
21 Aug 2019 Deloitte Deep Dive: Sir Howard Bernstein
20 Aug 2019 Welcome Dinner - Gold Sponsors & Speakers 2019
13 Aug 2019 WIN Waikato: Sustainability & Waste Minimisation
12 Aug 2019 WIN Auckland: Site Visit 2 to NZICC
06 Aug 2019 WIN Auckland: Site Visit to NZICC
02 Aug 2019 Chairman's Luncheon: Findings from Asia with Hon Phil Twyford
01 Aug 2019 WIN Wellington: Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Site Visit
01 Aug 2019 ET Auckland: The Inner Circle
31 Jul 2019 ET Wellington: Inaugural Pub Quiz
29 Jul 2019 Chairman's Luncheon - Hon Paul Goldsmith
22 Jul 2019 Auckland's Mayoral Candidate Congestion Forum
18 Jul 2019 WIN Otago/Southland: Motivation and Wellbeing Event
11 Jul 2019 ET Auckland: America's Cup Site Visit
04 Jul 2019 WELLINGTON: Lessons from Asia - Building Cities
02 Jul 2019 WAIKATO: Lessons from Asia - Building Cities
01 Jul 2019 Chairman's Luncheon - The Water Reform Journey Undertaken in the UK
01 Jul 2019 Infrastructure NZ - Learning from the Water Reform Journey in the UK – Breakfast Event
27 Jun 2019 Delegation Reunion Dinner
27 Jun 2019 AUCKLAND: Lessons from Asia - Building Cities
20 Jun 2019 ET Auckland: June Social Networking Event
19 Jun 2019 Key Stakeholder's Dinner - Infrastructure Challenges & Opportunities in the Bay of Plenty Region
19 Jun 2019 WIN Auckland: The Power of Language for Cultivating an Inclusive Infrastructure Sector
18 Jun 2019 Launching a New Young Leaders Network for Wellington - a discussion with Minister Shane Jones
12 Jun 2019 WIN Waikato: Mindfulness and Stress Management
11 Jun 2019 General Meeting
05 Jun 2019 WIN Northland: North & South – An Economic Overview
31 May 2019 WIN Otago/Southland: Pink Ribbon Breakfast
17 May 2019 WIN Otago / Southland: David Clark – Minister of Health Dunedin Infrastructure Talk
14 May 2019 The Future of Mobility
14 May 2019 ET Auckland: The Inner Circle
07 May 2019 WIN Network: The Confidence Gap – Be a Yes Woman
30 Apr 2019 The Role of Hydrogen in NZ's Transport Sector
10 Apr 2019 Post Delegation Workshop
04 Apr 2019 WIN Christchurch: The Evolving Face of Infrastructure: Women of NCTIR
04 Apr 2019 ET Auckland: Infrastructure Funding and Financing - Crown Infrastructure Partners
02 Apr 2019 WIN Wellington: Women Transporting New Zealand
27 Mar 2019 ET Auckland: The Inner Circle
27 Mar 2019 WIN Otago/Southland: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019
19 Mar 2019 WIN Queenstown: Intros & Networking
19 Mar 2019 WIN Northland: Interactive Health & Safety Mock Court Scenario
17 Mar 2019 Delegation to Asia
14 Mar 2019 ET Auckland: March Social Networking Event
06 Mar 2019 WIN Auckland: Liveable and Sustainable Cities, Supporting Dress for Success
27 Feb 2019 Pre-Delegation Briefing
25 Feb 2019 WIN Auckland: Women in Defence
19 Feb 2019 Auckland Workshop: Local Government Funding and Financing
13 Feb 2019 WIN Waikato: Site Visit: Huntly Section of Waikato Expressway
08 Dec 2018 WIN Otago/Southland: Pre-Christmas Get Together
06 Dec 2018 Emerging Talent Network: Homelessness Hackathon
28 Nov 2018 WIN Wellington: Women Leading the Way in Sustainability
26 Nov 2018 WIN Christchurch: High Tea Leadership Event
22 Nov 2018 WIN Queenstown: Committee Establishment Breakfast
21 Nov 2018 Annual General Meeting
20 Nov 2018 Infrastructure Funding & Financing Workshop and Forum
08 Nov 2018 Creating a Positive Drive Decarbonisation Event
01 Nov 2018 WIN Government House: Normalising Diversity in the Infrastructure Sector
31 Oct 2018 WIN Waikato Breakfast: Wahine Toa – Maori Women Leaders Share their Journeys
26 Oct 2018 WIN Site Tour: Northern Corridor Improvements Project
24 Oct 2018 CHRISTCHURCH: Lessons from the USA - Planning, Funding and Enabling City Growth
18 Oct 2018 Women's Infrastructure Network: Launching a New Network for Otago/Southland
18 Oct 2018 Infrastructure Entity Industry Consultation
27 Sep 2018 Women's Infrastructure Network: Growing the Queenstown Chapter
26 Sep 2018 Chairman's Dinner - Enabling Growth in Regional NZ
25 Sep 2018 Future Proofing the Infrastructure Industry: The Diversity Dividend
18 Sep 2018 WIN Northland: Pūhoi to Warkworth Motorway
06 Sep 2018 Emerging Talent: Millennials Leading the Way
05 Sep 2018 WIN Auckland: Female Firsts Breakfast
28 Aug 2018 Infrastructure Funding & Financing Workshop and Forum
21 Aug 2018 WIN Christchurch: Transferable Skills
20 Aug 2018 Chairman's Breakfast: Are You Future Ready for 2050?
16 Aug 2018 Infrastructure New Zealand Building Nations Symposium
15 Aug 2018 Building Nations Key Sponsor and Speaker Dinner 2018
10 Aug 2018 WIN Wellington: Speed Networking Breakfast
09 Aug 2018 WIN Waikato: Winter Warmer Networking Event
07 Aug 2018 WIN Northland: Capex Program, Te Mahi Hou
26 Jul 2018 Emerging Talent - July Social Networking Event
04 Jul 2018 WIN: Auckland Speed Networking Evening
27 Jun 2018 WELLINGTON: Lessons from the USA - Planning, Funding and Enabling City Growth
14 Jun 2018 Delegation Reunion Dinner
14 Jun 2018 AUCKLAND: Lessons from the USA - Planning, Funding and Enabling City Growth
12 Jun 2018 Chairman's Dinner - USA Delegation Findings & Recommendations
12 Jun 2018 WIN Northland: Board Directorships - How to get the shoulder tap
07 Jun 2018 Chairman's Luncheon: Hon Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance
31 May 2018 "Curry and a Pint" Night
31 May 2018 Test Thinking: Delegate Workshop
29 May 2018 Women in Infrastructure Network: Launching a New Network for Wellington
23 May 2018 Emerging Talent Network: Innovation, Technology & Optimising Cities
21 May 2018 Women in Infrastructure Network - Leadership High Tea (Auckland)
08 May 2018 Women in Infrastructure Network: Launching a New Network for Waikato
19 Apr 2018 WIN: Christchurch Speed Networking Breakfast
04 Apr 2018 Delegation to the U.S.
14 Mar 2018 Pre-Delegation Briefing
12 Mar 2018 Women in Infrastructure Network: Launching a New Network for Northland
27 Feb 2018 Infrastructure NZ: Discussion Panel & Chinese New Year Luncheon
21 Feb 2018 Emerging Talent Network: Building Your Brand
19 Feb 2018 Christchurch WIN Event - Increasing Workplace Diversity: Women in Leadership Roles
15 Feb 2018 Chairman's Dinner - Growth and Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges for the Waikato Region
26 Jan 2018 Roundtable Luncheon with Hon. Phil Twyford
07 Dec 2017 Emerging Talent Network: CRL Site Tour & End of Year Event
05 Dec 2017 Women in Infrastructure Network: Overcoming New Zealand’s Infrastructure Challenges
23 Nov 2017 Annual General Meeting
26 Oct 2017 Infrastructure New Zealand Building Nations Symposium
25 Oct 2017 Building Nations Key Sponsor and Speaker Dinner
25 Oct 2017 Chairman's Luncheon: Andrew Chesworth
24 Oct 2017 Chairman's Dinner: Dr. Kian-Keong Chin & David Ungemah
27 Sep 2017 Chairman's Dinner: Hon Nicky Wagner
19 Sep 2017 Emerging Talent Network: Tamaki Regeneration Project - Experiences, Insights & Lessons Learned
05 Sep 2017 Women in Infrastructure Network: Board Directorships - How to get the shoulder tap
31 Aug 2017 The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion in the Infrastructure sector
28 Aug 2017 WIN / IPENZ: Media Training evening
24 Aug 2017 Housing NZ – Auckland Housing Programme Market Briefing Session
21 Aug 2017 Chairman's Luncheon: Grant Robertson, MP, & Phil Twyford, MP, Labour Party
15 Aug 2017 Procurement Forum 2017
07 Aug 2017 Chairman's Breakfast: Road Pricing and Congestion Charging
28 Jul 2017 Chairman's Luncheon: Hon Simon Bridges, Minister of Transport
26 Jul 2017 Chairman's Dinner: Sir Wira Gardiner, Chair, and Dr Suzanne Doig, CEO, Local Government Commission
20 Jul 2017 Chairman's luncheon: Hon Steven Joyce, Minister for Infrastructure
28 Jun 2017 Emerging Talent Network: Public Speaking Tips, and How to Succeed in the Infrastructure Industry
26 Jun 2017 Women in Infrastructure Network, Christchurch: Champions of Change
08 Jun 2017 Delegate Reunion Dinner and Debate
08 Jun 2017 Lessons from Scotland: Infrastructure Solutions for small nations
03 May 2017 Chairman's Dinner with the Honourable Anne Tolley, Minister of Local Government
20 Apr 2017 Women's Infrastructure Network NZ: Board Directorships – How to Get the Shoulder Tap?
19 Apr 2017 Delivering Infrastructure Value in Turbulent Time: the Changing Landscape of Infrastructure Thinking
18 Apr 2017 Emerging Talent Network: The secrets of successful networking
26 Mar 2017 Delegation to London and Scotland 2017
21 Mar 2017 DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Whose hands are on the wheel?
09 Mar 2017 Emerging Talent - Organising Committee
02 Mar 2017 Women's Infrastructure Network Cocktail function
16 Feb 2017 Canada vs. NZ: Comparing the Planning, Funding and Delivery of Infrastructure
13 Dec 2016 Emerging Talent in Infrastructure Networking Evening
06 Dec 2016 Women in Infrastructure Network Christmas Luncheon
24 Nov 2016 Infrastructure New Zealand Annual General Meeting
09 Nov 2016 Global trends in cities: A lesson for Auckland
09 Nov 2016 Women in Infrastructure Network - Wellington Luncheon
20 Oct 2016 NZCID Building Nations Symposium 2016
19 Oct 2016 Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Forum (ANZIF)
28 Sep 2016 Is the RMA working for the environment?
27 Sep 2016 Social Housing Funding Forum
15 Sep 2016 Women in Infrastructure Luncheon - Wellington
15 Sep 2016 Women in Infrastructure Luncheon - Auckland
01 Jul 2016 Procurement Forum 2016
25 Feb 2016 Project Pipelines: Shedding light on 10 year infrastructure plans

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